Some stuff you might want to know:

Upright Brewing Company, the new kids brewing away in the basement of the Leftbank Project, have started dragging their brew into the light of day. I'm excited to see what they've produced useing that notoriously difficult open fermentation process. A firkin of their #6 will be tapped tomorrow at Saraveza. Go. Drink.

You know how sometimes you get that craving for onigiri and yakitori around 11pm but you’re on the East Side and you’re a bit in the cups so you’re not sure where the fuck you should go to sate that terrible craving that just seems to be devouring your soul? Well look no further than Biwa. Starting June 12th they’ll have a somewhat limited, if tasty, late night menu until midnight.

Nel Centro in the Hotel Modera (previously a Day's Inn where I once fooled around with a co-worker on a business trip long before moving to Portland) has now opened. Funny thing. The last time I was in that space, during the afore mentioned parenthetical business trip, I got exceedingly drunk. But I still remember the guy with the keyboard playing smooth hits while locals got slowly blotto and smoked themselves into oblivion. According to Nancy Rommelmann’s post on Portland Food and Drink, the place has seen major improvements thanks to Dave Machado. I’m looking forward to it.

For some reason I’ve been getting a monthly copy of the Food Network’s Magazine addressed to the Food Editor of the Rocky Mountain News. I have no idea why. But in the current issue they mark the burger at Skyline Restaurant as the best burger in Oregon. Good for them! But I wonder... Anyone wanna call bullshit?