As a gentle reminder, don't forget to join us tonight at Club 21 (corner of NE 21st & Sandy) for the monthly-ish Blogtown Meetup Trivia Night at 8 pm. As Alison stated earlier, the last meetup was super fun, so be sure to suppress your anxiety long enough to introduce yourself (we'll be hovering around the wax trivia cat). Another reason not to be intimidated: I FREAKING SUCK AT TRIVIA! I'm not sure what happened, but I used to be brilliant at it, and now I'm pretty sure I could be defeated by Rosie O'Donnell's character in Riding the Bus with My Sister. (I didn't automatically remember the name of that movie and had to Google it. SEE??)
Need further proof? At the last trivia night I attended, one of the categories was "Color Me Badd" (who always makes me squeal), and the question was, "On what '90s TV show did Color Me Badd make a special guest appearance?" Naturally everyone looked at me, and I looked like this:


I had no freaking idea, until someone on my team said, "DUH! It's 90210!"
Here's the scene in question.

YIPES! Those guys freak me out (in an highly erotic way). Anyway, come on down tonight and stand next to me if you want to look brainier. (BTW, why is Brandon acting like such a dick in this clip?)