War is Over!: The War On Drugs officially is, at least.

Obama About Face: The president restarts the same military tribunal process to try Gitmo detainees that he called "flawed" while campaigning.

Salmonella - It's Your Fault: Food companies leave safe prep step to the consumers.

Car Cuts: Chrysler and GM dealers scramble for a Plan B after their companies cut ties.

Aporkalypse: NYC shuts three schools due to swine flu.

Nike Slashes Jobs: Including 500 from it's Oregon HQ.

Portland Cyclist Dies in Crash: The tragic second bike death this year (after 2008's zero-death record) happened last night on NE Prescott. Initial investigation cleared the driver of wrongdoing - he had the right of way.

Sam Adams Finally Bikes to Work: For the first time in recent memory, Adams is slated to ride his bike to City Hall today.