As Erik reported the other day, Dollhouse will return for a new season… albeit with stiff budget cuts. (Whedon should make all his special effects like the "Grrrr… Argh" character he uses at the end of his shows.)

Not so good news for Terminator
(which is definitely canceled), and Fringe, which will land in the Thursday 9 pm slot across from Grey's Anatomy, CSI, and The Office. OUCH!!

The Unusuals has been canceled… via Twitter.

FOX has no comment on whether Kara DioGuardi will return next season to American Idol, but I hope she doesn't because I FUCKING DESPISE HER.

Would you like to read a transcript of everything Tracy Jordan has ever said on 30 Rock? Yes, you would.

Would you like to read a preview of Lauren "The Hills" Conrad's new novel? Yes, you would. (BTW, dibs on calling my next band "The L.A. Candy Crew.")

And finally, happy birthday, SAVED BY THE BELL! Here's a clip of Jessie (Elizabeth Berkley) freaking out on caffeine pills! (And who says her best work was in Showgirls?)