In last week's issue, Sarah Mirk wrote about Oregon House Bill 2509, a bill that would decide the fate of how Oregon's public schools teach sex education (check out her article Sex by the Book here). The bill has since passed, meaning public school kids across the state can expect a more thorough, medically accurate sex education. From The Oregonian:

Schools already must provide comprehensive sex education, but the bill adds explicit directions that their lessons must be "medically accurate" and include more information about the risks of sexually transmitted diseases and the "most effective way to prevent pregnancy" and transmission of diseases.

Schools also are to provide students with information about their legal "rights and responsibilities related to childbearing and parenting."

Although I am very happy about the new requirements, I still wish I lived in China we followed China's example on how to properly teach safe sex practices. Love Land Theme Park, a theme park billed to improve both sex education and the sex lives of it's visitors, was set to open in China in October.


Sadly however, local authorities found the open sexual nature of the park vulgar and tore it down today. I only hope those giant legs go to good use somewhere else...