NEW ZOOBOMB RACK!!! Much of Zoobombing may be illegal, but since when did that present a problem for Sam Adams? Zing!

GOOGLE KNOWS WHEN EMPLOYEES WILL QUIT!!! It's been using an algorithm. Could Portlanders borrow it? Zuh-zing-ZING!

OBAMA IS SPOCK!!! Okay, this idea has jumped the shark now. But I'm starting a blog called "pictures of Barack Obama as Mr.Spock" dot com. It'll be up next week. Send me yours.



NEON ROSE COMPLETE!!! Yep, they actually built it.

MEMORIAL COLISEUM DISCUSSION!!! This Wednesday Thursday night, 6:15.

A-ROD SPOTTED WITH KATE HUDSON!!! I'm now taking some photos releasing those old photos of myself kissing myself in a mirror. I don't care what my therapist says: Chicks love it.

PORTMAN DENIES SEAN PENN RUMOR!!! And she's all hoity-toity about it, too.

BRITISH PARLIAMENT SPEAKER RESIGNS!!! After helping Members of Parliament claim "phantom expenses."

AMAZING FOSSIL!!! The 47million-year-old "missing link" between humans and mammals has been found.

Good day.