Two new downloadable add-ons for Fallout 3 have been announced!

The first, "Point Lookout," has players exploring the wasteland that was once Point Lookout National Park in Maryland. Few details have been offered, but expect angry, mutated park rangers, and raccoons intent on rummaging through your stuff.

"Mothership Zeta," the second DLC pack, has aliens coming to the Wasteland and snatching local townsfolk. If you count the $10 price tag Bethesda has attached to each of their 5 DLC packs, this is only the second time Fallout 3 players will be anally violated. *cue rimshot*


But wait, there's more!

Remember all those posts I've written about downloadable add-on content for Fallout 3? And do you also remember how often Graham whined about the extras only being available to Xbox 360 and PC gamers? And do you recall how I phoned Bethesda at all hours of the night trying to get them to bring that shit to the PS3 just so I could get a moment's peace?

Discounting the obvious lies in that last sentence, all three add-on packs released for Fallout 3 over the past few months are coming to the PlayStation 3 next month.

Now shuddup.