The trailer for ABC's updated version of V, the classic miniseries about gopher eating aliens, is all over the innarwebs today and although it looks a little SyFy channel-ish I'm still curious about any television series exploring themes such as the survival of the human race, religion, and the coming alien apocalypse. I'm certain if you think very hard you'll recognize these themes in some other show we've come to revere here on Blogtown.

And did I mention the luminescent presence of Inara (Morena Baccarin) from Firefly? I didn't recognize her at first with her Alyssa Milano Season 2 of Charmed haircut, but once I did - whew boy did I ever get all excited in my brainsicle!

The new V is being executive produced by that guy who did the 4400 which I have never actually seen - I KNOW I KNOW, take away my nerd merit badge already - but I've heard good things about it so there may be hope for this series yet. I'm still wounded over the cancellation of Terminator:the Sarah Connor Chronicles so you will have to excuse me if I sound a bit jaded about television and America's putrid preference for "stars" who "dance" versus a kick ass show about the internet taking over the world. The sexy, sexy Cameron internet.

Harrumph. Enjoy your preview.