There are a few things not invited back to this summer (fashion wise) and one of them is HATS. Look, there is absolutely NO REASON to wear a hat in Portland. It's never hot enough to warrant one, and when you signed up to join the rest of us here, you made a solemn vow to never cover your head with ANYTHING. Especially when it's raining.
Anyway, I'm really sick of people wearing those dumb Frank Sinatra hats, and as a general rule, you should never buy or wear anything that can be purchased at a kiosk in the Lloyd Center mall. Don't believe me? Here are some pictures of you wearing stupid hats, so you can see how stupid you look in them.


Nice hat, stupid! (And for that leather jacket, you get extra stupid points.)


Jesus Christ. Are ya stupid? I think you just may be!


Fuck YOU, stupid!


Actually, she looks pretty. Pretty fucking stupid!!


Hey baby! You look stupid in your stupid fucking hat, stupid!

Don't want to look fucking stupid? Read MOD.