There's nary a mention of it in this week's paper, due to it not being screened for critics beforehand, but the documentary Until the Light Takes Us, playing one night only this Saturday night at the Hollywood Theater looks awesome. Chronicling the Norwegian black metal scene—burnt churches and self mutilation and all—Variety has this to say about it:

Producer-helmers Aaron Aites and Audrey Ewell have obvious, admirable goals — to make a film that reflects the self-consciously alienated/eerie black-metal scene in early '90s Oslo, and the nihilistic philosophy and devotion to paganism that launched a small war against Norwegian culture and religion. It's not a cuddly group they profile: The burning of the more than 900-year-old Fantoft Stave Church and the use of terms like "faggot" to refer to one black metallist's murder victim don't generate much empathy for the film's subjects. They wouldn't want it, anyway.

Honey Owens nudged me toward the trailer here, so if you like any combination of Valet, Rad Summer, or the Dunes of yore, you might want to take heed her tastes.