Judgment Day: Conservatives dig into Sonia Sotomayor for her "sharp tongue" and anything else they can think up.

Bomb Yr Facebook: The Pentagon creates a military wing to defend the Internet.

Climate Change: WMD? A new study says global warming causes 315,000 deaths a year with killer weather!

North Korea: WTF? The country of his holiness Kim Jong Il continues to fuck shit up. Will Obama decide to use military force?

Hugo Chavez: STFU? Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez launches "four day Talkathon" in honor of himself.


Chavez: Large and in charge!

Milk Market Implosion! Organic dairy producers across the country might soon go under.

Crumbling Castle: West Hills "Canterbury Castle" is due for demolition.

High speed rail! High speed rail! Northwest bigwigs meet in Vancouver to plan our glorious future.

Beau Files Restraining Order! Against an Oregonian reporter, alleging threatening text messaging occurred.