Yes, I tagged this as both drunk and sports. Because there is no better sport to watch while drunk than Monster Trucking! I also think that Monster Trucking is best performed when drunk. I mean, how drunk do you have to be to decide you want to do a back flip in your Monster Truck?

"Heeey, Jerry. Jerry." *hic* "You knowhad I'mgunna do?" *hic* "You knowhad? I'mgunna do a fuggin' flackbip in my fuggin' monser truck!" *hic* "Fug you, Jerry. I will so. Jess you watch me. Jess you watch." Vroom Vrooooooom

At least that's how I picture it in my mind. And yes, Monster Trucking is a goddamn sport! It happens in an arena doesn't it?

props to Fark