Back in April there was some controversy about City Commissioner Dan Saltzman's idea to lower the city flag to half mast on the day of each month corresponding to the number of children who died from violence, abuse or neglect in the previous month. But I don't expect any controversy to meet this morning's flag lowering, acknowledging the death of Eldon Jay Rebhan Smith from a tragic drowning last weekend. Saltzman's office put out this release this morning:

Today, June 1, the flag of the City of Portland is lowered to half-staff to honor 4-year old Eldon Jay Rebhan Smith who died from a tragic drowning. City Council approved a resolution in April to lower the City’s flag in honor of children who die from abuse, neglect, or homicidal violence. Today is the first time that the City flag will be lowered for this purpose. “I am devastated to lower the City flag, but I hope that by honoring Eldon this way, we can bring awareness to the untimely deaths of our community’s children,” said City Commissioner Dan Saltzman, who sponsored the resolution.

Rest in peace. There's more reflections on the Sellwood Bridge incident at Nancy Rommelmann's blog this morning.