We're warming up our Queer Issue, which will land on the streets this week, filled with everything you need to know about Portland's Pride Week events. Of course, it's a week in which you can feel free to queer-ify virtually any event you want in honor of the occasion. Like, for instance, a garage sale. And that's just what's been done here with the "first-ever" (I highly doubt that) gay multi-family (over a dozen) garage sale/party to take place at Vendetta this coming Sunday, during the hangover-friendly hours of 3-11 pm. It's billed as a kick-off to Pride week and a "bedazzlement of drunken treasure hunting"—which is pretty much exactly my idea of a good time, right up there with getting stoned before a Kundalini yoga class (you gotta try it!). There will also be prizes music, and all around good-time gayness. Sounds like a plan!


He's excited too!