As I posted about an hour ago, politico Steve Novick took the stage last night at an anti-stadium-deal event in Lents Park and cajoled the audience to immediately inform Commissioner Dan Saltzman he should kill the $50 million proposal.

Well, looks like Novick is feeling a little morning-after regret. Not for speaking out against the deal, but for not doing anything else to help Lents.

Novick writes on Blue Oregon, "One of the drawbacks of being politically active, relatively gregarious, and Jewish in a small state is that I am in a more or less constant state of guilt." In addition to apologizing (sort of) for ripping into House Speaker Dave Hunt's road-heavy, environmentally-weak transportation package, Novick adds:

If I’m going to diss Randy’s idea for how to help Lents — which I’m convinced won’t work at all — I should try to do something else for Lents. I hereby promise to go out to dinner in Lents at least four times a year, or as often as I go to a Portland Beavers game, whichever number is higher, thus making a small contribution to the Lents economy. Anyone want to join me?