Rock Bottom: Maybe? New unemployment numbers get mixed analysis.

Neocolonial! Enlightened Leader! Anti-Arab! Muslims across Middle East have an array of strong opinions on Obama's big speech in Cairo.

Regime Change Renege: An important element Obama slipped into his speech — the end of the Bush "regime change" era.

For this Obama will be hailed as the new King Tut!


Irony Vs. Iraq: Stephen Colbert broadcasts from Baghdad.

Stayin' Alive: In a victory for women and people who love women, Salem approved a bill mandating insurance to cover HPV vaccines. "It really came down to 'show me why they need it,'" said Rep Ron Maurer as he voted against the bill. Uh, because it prevents cancer, Ron?

TORNADO APOCALYPSE! 6,700 Oregonians still without power.

Cocaine: Don't Play With Danger! Coke cut with animal de-worming medicine sickens three in Seattle.