I'm pretty stoked for some rare '80s grindhouse from the ever-steady Grindhouse Film Fest this weekend—they mostly favor '70s films. On the double-bill docket: Lady Terminator and The Slumber Party Massacre.

What Grindhouse has to say about Lady Terminator:

A beautiful woman is possessed by an ancient mystical queen out for vengeance, turning her into an unstoppable killing machine! She takes off on a rampage across Indonesia, gunning down anyone who gets in her way, and blowing apart half of the country. She also sports a mean leather jacket... except when she's naked... which is a lot. But for those foolish enough to try to put their hands on her, she also castrates men with an eel that lives in her vagina. Bullet-riddled mayhem, disco shootouts, mind-boggling dialogue, a mullet-headed cop who drives a tank, and so much more. All in full-throttle '80s excess!

Grindhouse guru Dan Halsted says, "Whatever you do, do not miss LADY TERMINATOR. DO NOT MISS LADY TERMINATOR. This movie is absolutely mind-blowing (after the strange first 10 minutes), and may take the crown from PIECES for biggest crowd pleaser. Also the print is in pristine condition."

Lady Terminator (7 pm) & The Slumber Party Massacre (9 pm)
Clinton Street Theater
2522 SE Clinton
STARTS Sat June 6
ENDS Wed June 10
$8 for both films