City Commissioner Randy Leonard is scheduled to sit down for dinner at El Pato Feliz restaurant in Lents later this week with with hotly anticipated gubernatorial candidate Steve Novick and Lents Urban Renewal Advisory Committee chair Cora Potter.

Novick was an outspoken critic of Leonard's plans for baseball in Lents at a protest organized by Lents neighbors last week. Potter, meanwhile, has said she is tentatively supportive of the idea.

We asked Leonard if Mercury reporter Sarah Mirk could go along to el happy duck and report on the conversation, but Leonard told us no way. "Steve and I are having a private dinner," he wrote, via email. Potter, meanwhile, is yet to respond to an email asking what she expects to talk about over tamales.

Update, 3:12: "Since it's just having dinner with a couple of guys, I have no predictions about where the conversation will go," says Potter in an email. "I expect it will be like people having dinner - eating some Mexican food, downing a couple of cokes and chatting. If we wanted to plot world domination - we'd probably head off to the Bohemian Grove, rather than the Happy Duck."