As a Reedie myself, I find this story in the New York Times pretty embarrassing to our Fine Institution of Higher Learning. Reed College and other small schools have been forced to amend their accepted students' list to include fewer incoming students in need of financial aid. I know they have to save money somewhere, but this just doesn't feel right. People on campus constantly discuss the lack of diversity at Reed, yet the school has chosen to homogenize our student body even more by excluding students who need aid. Don’t get me wrong — I’m glad the board chose not to cut any programs or professors. Perhaps, instead they could have dipped into the school’s endowment or sold some of that valuable Eastmoreland property. I’m sure it was a tough call. We at Reed are very attached to our way of college life — small class sizes, professors who know us personally, all sorts of free tutoring options, a beautifully cared-for campus. It would be tough to get us to compromise on these fronts, so I can see why the administration turned to an alternative. But turning away students who belong at Reed, who deserve to attend — that’s a violation of Reed’s ideals. I don’t see anything wrong with using endowment money so Reed doesn’t have to turn over 100 worthy students and charge its current students a tuition of nearly $50,000.


Doyle Owl, do YOU know where the money went?

-Rachael Marcus