UPDATE: I forgot to mention that Dance Naked Productions is remounting Inviting Desire at the IFCC, starting tonight and running through June 27. The show is based on information women provided about their sexual fantasies; I wrote about it back in February. If the premise doesn't scare you off (the show is funnier and less self-serious than it sounds), go see this one.

Brad Fortier's one man show about gay sex, Glory Hole-llelujah!, gets top billing because of this line in the press release: "Everyone is encouraged to fashion a hole as big as your fist in cardboard and watch the show through it." That's tomorrow and Saturday nights at the Brody (16 NW Broadway), 10:30 pm, $8.

It's officially Shakespeare in the Park season; there's a couple shows opening this weekend. Portland Actors Ensemble's King Lear opens tonight at Cathedral Park, 7:30 pm.

A new company called the Original Practice Shakespeare Festival opens A Midsommer Night's Dream on Saturday at 2 pm, also at Cathedral Park. Their approach to performance is based on the now-incomprehensible fact that Shakespeare was once populist entertainment:

The Ops Fest performs using the same performance techniques as they did in Shakespeare's own time, which means limited rehearsal; an onstage prompter; fast-paced, energetic acting; and lots of audience interaction. This lends a much more immediate, organic, improvisational feel to the performances.

Episode 2 of Action/Adventure's Fall of the House opens tomorrow; read more about that show here.

Apparently Storm Large's Crazy EnoughCrazy Enough will be playing Portland in perpetuity; it's been extended once again, now through July 27.

Dance United, the big Oregon Ballet Theatre benefit show, is tomorrow night. If after Stephen Marc Beaudoin's post last week you're still not convinced as to whether the ballet is worth saying, go read this now.


More listings here.