Remember how I said I was unusually excited for the Time Based Art festival this year? I just got EVEN MORE EXCITED.

First of all, the Works—TBA's late-night performance venue—is being held in the old Washington High School building (531 SE 14th), which has been sitting vacant for years amid talk of building condos and a community center on the site. This is, potentially, the best Works venue in years—we'll keep you updated on what's happening with the space. Also, check the Works lineup: It's better than last year. (Hello, Quasi & Explode into Colors.)

Further, TBA is teaming up with Slow Food Oregon for a kickoff party in the form of a huge Labor Day picnic, and they've just put out a call for gardeners to tend plants to contribute to the picnic's eatables:


PICA has teamed up with Slow Food Portland to host a Labor Day picnic as a part of our Time-Based Art Festival. Hundreds of Portlanders will gather on the lawn of the old Washington High School (located at 531 SE 14th Avenue) to eat a home-cooked meal together, share stories and conversation, and build a community supporting good, clean, and fair food. To make it all happen, we need your help.

Tend a crop for PLANTED!
Avid gardener, new to planting, or somewhere in between? Help us prepare for the September harvest by tending a container edible over the summer. Some of our favorite farmers have generously offered to donate starts and seeds for you to cultivate and grow. At the picnic, we plan to surround ourselves with fresh vegetables: lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, and more, tasting them as we go. Ready to put your green thumb to work? Contact us and we'll set you up with everything you need to tend your mini-garden for the big day.

Calling all wheelbarrows!
Can you part with your wheelbarrow on Labor Day? We would love to take it off your hands, just for the day. We have something special in mind for a few extra wheelbarrows, and we promise to take good care of them. Email us if you have a wheelbarrow that wants to be part of the action!

Donate your produce to PLANTED!
Share the bounty of your vegetable garden. Bring your extra tomatoes, edible flowers, cukes, and other good stuff to share with the crowd at WHS. No need to contact us about donating, just mark your calendars to harvest and bring your goods down to the picnic site on Labor Day!