Balloons! Dogs! And lots of angry queer teenagers in punked-out outfits, chain-smoking vigorously!

That was some queer pride festival, huh? You'll be getting a more, uh, "formal" report from me on the parade in this Thursday's Mercury. Until then: some of the parade and waterfront festival highlights, courtesy of the iPhone camera that just won't quit. Enjoy...!

Portlanders are clearly upset about President Obama's throwing the queer community under the bus with his defense of DOMA.

The parade scene, looking south up Broadway.

More Portland Pride '09 parade and waterfront festival pics after the jump...

Sam Adams: the pride of Portland (with John Branam: the heartthrob of Portland!!! - who is also far too cute to wear a bike helmet).

The Dyke Fairy! Who gave me a rainbow button with the name "Sherry." Cute!

This reinforces what a visiting Seattle gay dude told me on the street: "I come down to Portland because the boys aren't pretty. They're real."
dc1a/1245086081-time-warp-pride09.jpgCongressman Earl Blumenauer, who very clearly violated Portland Pride parade rules by tossing out handfuls of candy bike pins to parade onlookers. Shame, Earl - shame! (although, for the record, he was hardly the only one breaking the rules this year)

Happy Ours, a social events group for queer women of color.

Multnomah County Commissioner Jeff Cogen, waving an enormous rainbow flag.

Uh... wow. Just - wow.

Portland Taiko, gaying it up with big drums on the Waterfront Fest mainstage.

My personal favorite booth in the entire South Waterfront: "Ask Ed!" - starring former City Council candidate Ed Garren!! I just can't get enough of this man.

Twister! Nothin' but good clean fun at Portland Pride.

The third most populous group at pride: angry queer teens. Rawr!!

Very clearly: a sophisticated parade attendee, consulting the Mercury's Queer Issue and '09 Guide to Pride.