That's a image of the not-secret-any-more furry cover for Dave Eggers' upcoming novelization of Where the Wild Things Are (this image is, if I'm not mistaken and for at least the next ten minutes or so, a Mercury exclusive). This, this is why small publishers might win. McSweeney's is so remarkably good at books-as-objects, and they're good at it because they've never coasted on the increasingly economically unviable assumption that a book's mere object-ness makes it valuable, as so many publishers have done until very recently. Nope, they consistently put out weird and funny and interestingly designed books like this, shit you want even if you could read the whole thing online, and which I. Must. Own. Also, yesterday I blogged that the book is "available for pre-order on Amazon." I'm not sure why I turned into a jackass for a minute. Don't pre-order it on Amazon. Pre-order it at Powell's.