Iran! Still divided and oppressive! Now "shadowy vigilantes" are "vowing bolder action". That probably means more than Twittering complaints...

Healthcare HELLL: Discovering it could cost $1 trillion to enact Obama's healthcare plan, Congress is now bickering while people die.

Dear Obesity Epidemic Sufferers, don't squeeze raw cookie dough from the tube into your drooly food hole because you could get E. coli.

Innocent? Who Cares! The Supreme Court decides prisoners have no constitutional right to DNA tests to determine their innocence.

Teachers Take Cuts: PDX teachers agree to wage freezes to try and save money for extravagant luxuries like PE and music classes.

Oregon Ballet Survives! Raising $853,000 in three weeks, the ballet won't shut its doors. Phew.

Mega Giant Cruise Ship, how we will miss ye.

More White Workers at Day Labor Center: I wrote this story three months ago but aw what the hell, it's fresh news at KATU!

NASA Plans to Bomb Moon! I am not even exaggerating. NASA is shooting a giant missile at the moon!!