Commissioner Amanda Fritz defended Mayor Adams back when news of his scandal broke in January and today her office is taking a nonchalant view of the Attorney General's report.

At of 10AM, Fritz was not in the office yet and the AG's report was on the desk of Chief of Staff Tom Bizeau — still unread. "I know there aren't any criminal matters in it and I have more pressing matters on my desk," explained Bizeau, who said he would get around to reading the report "in a few hours." The City Attorney told Bizeau this morning the report was coming and it landed on his desk just minutes before our conversation, but BIzaeau says he has higher priorities than perusing the Adam's report — like sorting through applications for the office of Healthy Working Rivers.

Update 10:47AM -
Meanwhile, Commissioner Randy Leonard, who felt betrayed by Adams after the Mayor lied to Leonard about his relationship with Breedlove, seems to have come around the Mayor today. Leonard writes via email:

"I am very happy for Sam but most of all for Portlanders. The Attorney General's report allows the city to move on.

As with any good friends, Sam and I had a lot of work to do to repair our relationship after last January's revelations. We continue to work on that. However, I have never lost faith in Sam's commitment to his job or our city."

Moving on! Recall Sam Adams chief Jasun Wurster won't be happy to hear those words...

Update 11:07AM -
Commissioner Nick Fish is all about moving on, too. "I have enormous faith in John Kroger. I accept the Attorney General's findings and it's time to move on," says Fish. The Commissioner would not address whether Portlanders will actually move on or whether this will hang over Adams' head forever. "The question that was posed was did he commit a crime. The findings bring to end this chapter." Fish says the end of the investigation will reduce the "distraction" of council and help them work more as a team.