While Matt types at lightning speed from the Attorney General's big press conference that just wrapped up, I figured I would check in with how the announcement has been rolling through the morning news. It looks like more than a story a minute is being churned out about the report which spells out why the Attorney General will not press charges against Adams. At 11:32AM Google news returned 163 articles relating to the Sam Adam's report, five minutes later there were 171 online. As of right now (12:55PM), 206 stories are up on the interwebs today about Mayor Adams.

AP news wires picked up the story just before 11AM, reducing the report into a flat six sentence story and most other articles so far seem to be very straight forward recitations of the Attorney General's report. The AP's take is now a 13 sentence story mentioning AG Kroger's unwillingness to pursue Adams based solely on Breedlove's testimony and includes a line about a lack of criminal charges in Adams' hiring of former Merc news editor Amy Ruiz, too.

Right after cutting away from live streaming of the AG's conference in Salem, the KATU news reporter stared straight into the camera and solemnly reminded legions of surely-irate viewers that, never fear, the All My Children episode interrupted by the news conference will be screening again tonight. Yeah, whatever, the mayor of Portland is cleared of criminal wrongdoing after a six month investigation BUT WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO KRYSTAL CAREY HOWARD?!?

So far the "worst headline" award goes to Central Oregon TV station KPTZ who announced the news as "Ore. attorney general to discuss probe of mayor" ... really? You guys couldn't think of any word besides "probe"?