Adams was calm and restrained as he met with Matt Davis and myself this afternoon to talk about the Attorney General's findings. There were no tears and no pathos, but also no champagne.

"I welcome the report, the investigation was thorough, tough, but objective," Adams summed up.

There were three questions Adams did not answer during our conversation: He declined to explain the content of text messages sent between Breedlove and himself during the investigation ("it will come out in the full report") and he would not say outright that Breedlove had lied about the alleged City Hall bathroom smooch. Also, when asked whether there were things that surprised him in the report, Adams got mysterious. "Yes, some. I'll keep those to myself," he said.

So was he relieved to see the results of the investigation? "Yes, absolutely."

And does he think that Portlanders can actually make follow up on the City Hall catchphrase of the day and "move on"? "I've been genuinely touched by the amount of compassion and support," the Mayor responded. "There's so much people have given me, and I didn't expect that. When news broke that I was having trouble with the payments on my house, people offered financial assistance, and I didn't expect that."

At the end of our quick ten minutes, I asked whether he, like some of his supporters felt media coverage of him has been unfair since the scandal broke. "It would be disingenuous for me to complain about it," said Adams. "I ran for city commissioner after having worked in politics for eleven years, and I know what the scrutiny of the media is like."

Here's the ten minute interview in convenient video format!