Two big releases today following Kroger's report yesterday on the Adams investigation.

First off, the Attorney General's office released the full statement Adams' lawyers asked Breedlove to sign two days after the story broke back in January. The statement includes some lurid details about Adams and Breedlove's sexual encounters that you can read through for yourself (they watched Kinsey? Sam is a loud snorer?) but, most importantly, it very clearly conflicts with Breedlove's later statements that he and Adams kissed when he was 17. According to interviews and phone records released in the report yesterday, when Adams' lawyers met with Breedlove on January 21st and asked about the kissing, Breedlove took a break and called Adams. The two disagreed on whether or not they had kissed and Breedlove wound up signing the statement saying they had not.

Secondly! While Beau is still AWOL from Portland, his mom released a harsh letter to the press. The full text is below, but a key sentence relates to the signed statement, "My son was naive and trusting. As I see it now, these actions were all part of Mr. Adam’s strategy to discredit my son and deceive the public, in the very beginning."

Here's her letter:

To fellow Oregonians,
I am certain you are as pleased as I am that the Attorney General’s office has concluded their investigation regarding Sam Adams and my son, Beau Breedlove. Unfortunately, there are facts or circumstances that I feel need to be told that were not included in any reports.

Foremost, regarding the statement given by my son after the late night interrogation by Mr. Adam’s legal team. At that time, it was discussed the negative implications that could occur if the kissing incidents were revealed. Mr. Adams spoke with my son specifically regarding the kissing incident at City Hall. Mr. Adam’s legal advisors refused to include that information in the statement saying it “wasn’t necessary to the investigation”. My son was naive and trusting. As I see it now, these actions were all part of Mr. Adam’s strategy to discredit my son and deceive the public, in the very beginning.

The Attorney General’s report also stated my son benefited in notoriety and financial gain. I wouldn’t wish this “notoriety” on my worst enemy. The barrage of the media was frightening. The attacks threatened his job to the point he was put on administrative leave, disrupted his neighbors and created daily turmoil for the entire family. As far as my son’s “financial gain”, you’ve got to be joking! Beau does not own any real estate, he rents a small apartment. During this media charade, my son struggled to pay his every day bills. The mere pittance he received from the magazine was necessary at that time, just to make ends meet.

At his first press conference regarding this scandal, Mr Adam’s stated one of his first calls would be to me. That never happened. It’s been over five months and believe me, the conversation wouldn’t be pretty now. At his most recent press conference, Mr Adams stated that he has “learned his lesson” from his poor judgment…….I beg to differ.

My son has always believed that he was not a victim in 2005. But I believe he’s a victim now. Exploited, deceived and betrayed by a friend and a “mentor” (?) for his own political gain. It saddens me that my son’s credibility was the one that was the focal point in the Attorney General’s report. Perhaps the outcome would’ve been different if Mr. Adam’s acknowledged his actions truthfully to the investigators as he did earlier with my son. Apparently, he was aware of the Oregon law allowing people, not under oath, the right to lie and deceive police and investigators. Maybe this law needs to be changed.

Now that we can all get back to our own lives, I hope people remember the shameful insight into the lack of honor, integrity and credibility exercised by Mr. Sam Adams.

Thank you for listening,
Gwen Roseler