"NO MAJOR FRAUD"!!! In Iranian elections.

IRAN CHARGING BULLET FEE!!! Making families pay for the bullets killing their children.

SEVEN DEAD IN DC METRO CRASH... One train plows into another.

PICK A PAIR!!! Ed McMahon dies.

JON AND KATE SPLIT!!! This isn't important. Forget it.

CHRIS BROWN PLEADS GUILTY!!! To assault. Because he "ain't no monster?" He'll spend no time in jail.

SCIENTOLOGY'S SAVAGE LEADER!!! The St.Petersburg Times runs the third article in its remarkable investigative series on the cult.

BERLUSCONI'S PROSTITUTION TROUBLE!!! Police will interview 30 women in probe of the Italian Prime Minister.

PEREZ HILTON CALLED WILL.I.AM A "FAGGOT"!!! Before the performer hit him.

Good day.