Today must be Christmas on Reporter Island because the Attorney General's office has been tossing out presents all afternoon. First came the statement prepared by Adams lawyers that Beau signed just after the scandal broke, then a letter from Sam's lawyers arrived. And now I have in my hands four pages of text messages sent between Breedlove and Adams during the first six days of the scandal.

You can voyeuristically read through them all yourself but I'll spell out the details here for those of you who don't have time to page through a pdf of text messages sent months ago between men you don't know (i.e. the 78 percent of you who are still employed). All the texts were taken from Sam's phone and the many blacked-out messages in that file, according to the AG's office, are between Sam and people who are not Breedlove.

The texts are interesting and revealing glimpses into the personalities of Adams and Breedlove and their relationship when the scandal broke. Here's the rundown:

These are not "sext" messages. They are the opposite of "sexty." For an example of the opposite of sexty, peruse this exchange between Adams and Breedlove on the night of January 20th.

B'Love - Should I hire a lawyer?
Adams - As a precaution, yes.
B'Love - Is there anyone you would recommend? Who's cheap, because I can't afford this.
Adams - Let me ask round and get back to you.
B'Love - I just got a message from Nigel [Jaquiss] saying that there are rumors about John [Venzina] trying to rape me.
Adams - What are you going to say?
B'Love - Um, I'm going to crawl into a hole. I haven't said anything yet, other than my statement last night.

Breedlove looked to Adams for legal advice, specifically who he should hire as a lawyer, whether he should stand by the story that Adams' ex-date John Venzina tried to rape him and whether he should talk publicly about the $750 Adams gave him. It's clear that Breedlove did not initially have solid legal advice of his own - if he had, he may not have signed the statement provided by Adams' lawyers saying he did not kiss Adams before turning 18. After talking to Adams' lawyers, Breedlove checked in with Sam: "They just left. We talked, I told them everything in complete honesty and detail as I remember it, as I felt it. There is one detail though, that I didn't divulge, and have been wanting to talk about."

Beau felt he left some "truth" out when he spoke with Adam's lawyers. According to texts from Breedlove, the Oregonian snagged an exclusive interview with Beau by threatening to publish info about his felony theft conviction in Hawaii. "I'm sorry Sam. I really am. I love you as a person and my friend. I'm sorry," writes Breedlove on 1/24. "I didn't call or text you because I didn't think I should, but the Oregonian essentially blackmailed me, and said to the effect, that if I didn't speak they were going to publish about the Hawaii incident in the Sunday paper. So I interviewed with them today. I spoke with Charlie [likely Charlie Hinkle, the lawyer Breedlove acquired], and felt that telling the whole truth is what is going to happen. I know you encourage that." That interview, with the "whole truth", was where Breedlove first described the alleged City Hall bathroom.

Beau feels like a slutty, trashy felon. No matter how you feel about B'Love and his love-hate relationship with reporters or Adams and his orchestrated cover-up, the last few texts between the pair are genuinely sad.