Why does this clip of Andy Ricker making Green Papaya Salad (Sum Tom) with the Today Show's Al Roker cause me to suffer such cognitive dissonance? I'm not sure. But there's just something unnatural about the whole thing. Which is not to say that I don't believe Ricker deserves the publicity. He does, and he looks great on camera. But there's just something about it... Something about the live absurdity of it all, with Roker bouncing around and spewing a litany of sponsors (what the fuck is "super goop?"), it's like seeing Bob Dylan on Sesame Street, or not even Sesame Street, but a cheap Sesame Street knock-off.

Still, there's some neat stuff in this brief clip. It's great to watch Ricker make one of my favorite dishes from 2 Pok, and even better to hear that distinctive pok pok sound from the mortar and pestle. Also, listen for the little laugh Ricker gives as Roker is hit with the chili burn.

Hey, who gave Roker the fork? There's no forks with Green Papaya Salad. No forks!