The Ayatollah refuses to grant Iran a new election, causing new waves of protest, and unsurprisingly, bloodshed.

The governor of South Carolina mysteriously disappears for days, and while his staff and wife think he's hiking in the mountains, he actually winds up in… ARGENTINA? You politicians are something else!

North Korea threatens to "wipe out the United States once and for all." OH, YEAH? Well, maybe you should bring some bags to put those dirty wipes in… like BODY BAGS! ( I really need to work on my retaliatory threats.)

Obama looks like he may be ready to waffle on health insurance and accept a compromise that does NOT include a public health care option. Oh, by all means, let's let the doctors, insurance companies, and big pharmaceutical decide if we live or die.

Sarah Jessica Parker announces the birth of her twin daughters, Anorexia and Bulimia.

SAM ADAMS MAKES HIS FIRST, ON THE RECORD, POST-SCANDAL JOKE! (Actually it wasn't all that funny. Let's recall it!)

And finally, Conan O'Brien pays tribute to the late Ed McMahon with this hilarious and sweet classic clip.