On the eve of the NBA draft there is plenty of buzz about what stir-crazy Trail Blazers GM Kevin Pritchard will do once he's on the clock. Or, perhaps, before the clock starts ticking.

The internets are humming with all sorts of rumors, most of which seem to center on Kirk Hinrich and Tyrus Thomas—who was drafted by Portland, had this photo immediately taken, then was quickly shipped away—coming to Portland.

From Yahoo Sports:

Chicago Bulls guard Kirk Hinrich is telling friends that he thinks he’ll be dealt to the Portland Trail Blazers, who have interest in pairing him with Brandon Roy(notes) in the backcourt.

Finally, a player with an emo haircut. I wonder if Hinrich wants me to make him a "Welcome to Portland" mix-CD?

Coming tomorrow: More Blazers coverage! An interview with Wendell Maxey, Senior NBA Writer at HoopsWorld (and the most fertile man on press row), plus an action-packed live blog of the draft from Blazers HQ!

The Blazers made a trade. Update from ESPN:

The Portland TrailBlazers agreed to trade the 24th, 56th and worst of their second round picks in 2010 to the Dallas Mavericks on Wednesday for the 22nd pick in Thursday's NBA draft, according to a league source.