As one of the four people on the planet who actually liked Richard Kelly's Southland Tales, I think I'm obligated to say that I think The Box looks great. But I can't, 'cause the first trailer for the film, which came out yesterday, is pretty underwhelming. I will say, though, that the concept of the film sounds fantastic, and that I suspect the Twilight Zone-inspired story will be a pretty perfect fit for Kelly—hopefully, it'll allow him to tap into the sort of creepy, darkly funny, mind-bending sci-fi drama that made Donnie Darko so amazing.

On the downside, there's Cameron Diaz's accent, which could cause me to claw out my eardrums. And also, what is wrong with Frank Langella's face? BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, WHY ISN'T CYCLOPS WEARING HIS VISOR?!?!