"I've always wanted to show this movie, but there were no known 35mm prints," Grindhouse Film Festival organizer Dan Halsted wrote in an email last week. "Last month, I found a film collector who had dug a print out of a dumpster behind a movie theater in the late '70s. It sat in his basement ever since, until he sold it to me. The print is in excellent condition, and this is one of the top five kung fu movies ever made!"

Halsted is showing his long-lost print of 1978's Seven Grandmasters this Saturday at the Hollywood—and we've got two tickets to give away! If you're a fan of old-school kung fu flicks, this is a must-see—it's crammed with amazing fights and lines like "A title reflects a man's honor! You have none! Good bye!" and "You cheeky young bastard! I promise... I will take you myself!" Here's one of my favorite fight scenes from the film, which is packed with plenty of other great ones:

Want to see more? Shit yes you do! So if you want to win those tickets, email me no later than 5 pm today (Thursday, June 25). Make sure your subject line is "Monkey style." At 5 pm, I'll pick a winner at random*, and I'll email the winner shortly afterward to let them know how to pick up their tickets.

Seven Grandmasters, Hollywood Theatre, 4122 NE Sandy, Saturday June 27 at 7:45 pm, $7.

*Flattery helps.