The Iranian president attempts to suppress the opposition party's newspaper; claims it's because they don't run "Cathy."

Iran just keeps digging itself in deeper and deeper as the European Union threatens to withdraw the ambassadors from all 27 member nations. (Though Iran doesn't really care if France leaves or not.)

Norm Coleman concedes, Sen. Al Franken accepts, and the Democrats have the 60 votes they've long dreamed of. (Five bucks says they find a way to fuck it up.)

A 14-year-old girl miraculously survives a plane crash; demands cape, tights, and an awesome superhero name.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates is looking at new ways to enforce the military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy selectively… which means some gays get the shit beat out of them and some don't?

A long delayed CIA report on torture during the Bush Administration is expected to be finally released today—they just want to waterboard it one more time.

Michael Jackson's will cuts out ex-wife Debbie Row—which could mean trouble for Tito and Bubbles, as well.

More drug rumors emerge
in the mysterious death of Michael Jackson, and… wait. Did you know that Lou "The Incredible Hulk" Ferrigno was his personal trainer??

And finally, Jon Stewart has his "Your Moment of Zen," and I have "Your Mesmerizing Minute." Ladies and gentlemen, shut off your brain and watch the following video entitled, "SQUIRREL EATING A LEMON."