Today is Canada Day! Now, to most of you ignorant Americans, Canadian culture and dress may seem enigmatic and primitive, but Canada actually has a rich and powerful culture. How do I know this? Well, you see, like any of you with any culture, whatsoever, I was suckled on the nourishing teat of pure Canadian brilliance!

More cute Canadians following the jump!

Hey, look. Skunks are both sustainable and local! Barth was 30 years ahead of us. No surprise there, he's got the look of an innovator.


Duhhhh, I heard that!

So, thank you, Canada! For those of you who only understand Chinese, here is the Chinese version of the Canadian national anthem, sung by a fairly attractive young man.

(Wm. Steven Humphrey says he looks like a Nazi. I can't help but agree that he wouldn't look out of place as an extra in Das Boot or Salon Kitty.)