This week, I keep having these conversations with women I know in which we discuss what we're planning to wear for the almost-always ultra-casual 4th of July festivities. Invariably it involves red, white, and/or blues (mostly denim), but it also always seems to give people license to revel in trashy-kitsch (daisy duke cut-offs and mini jean skirts your mother would never have allowed you out of the house in, Budweiser print string bikinis, tube tops, etc.). Nobody seems act this way for Christmas, or even Valentine's Day. The only thing I can think of that's comparable is Halloween, where so many people tack a "sexy" element onto their costume theme (sexy vampire, sexy baby, sexy Harry Potter, etc). Also, what does it mean that the tackiest things (terry cloth anything, bedazzled-ass jeans, lucite heels, eating Cheetos) suddenly feel right on Independence Day? I'm not saying it's not fun, I'm just saying...


For the record: I do plan to wear a scandalous denim skirt that my mother would have never let me leave the house in.

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