According to Gold's Gym, July is "Cankle Awareness Month," which besides being an unsubtle ploy to scare people into their gyms, is one of the innumerable symptoms of summertime exercise mania that sweeps through our society every time the sun peeps out. I've just begun one such "bootcamp program," which will stretch over the course of the next two months, involving personalized progress-tracking as well as meal planning and charting and percent body fat-calculating—it's called Recess, and I'll be tracking my progress and sharing the useful insights I hope to gain under the "Fitness" tag over on MOD. In the meantime, back to cankles:


Gold's actually set up a website specifically to "say no to cankles," which contains free fashion tips for the cankle-afflicted: avoid skinny jeans and ankle straps, and when all else fails, wear really bright colored sneakers and pray that they will simply distract people from staring at your cankles. Thanks, Gold's!