Popping, Hissing, Dancing: The MJ-obsessed and the unemployed can follow live Twitter updates of his memorial.


Iran: Not giving a shit about Michael Jackson, Iranians keep yammering about this disputed election thing.

Brunching on the Red Carpet: Obama snacks with Russian leaders, explains why they should each destroy thousands of nuclear weapons.

A Fighter, Not a Quitter: Sarah Palin speculation of the day - was she driven out of office by paperwork?

Riot! Riot! Ethnic violence breaks out in China, police arrest 1,400.

Boring! Finally finally finally Al Franken is sworn is as Senator and he doesn't crack a single zany joke?!

Garage Sales to Save Schools: Parents in Tualatin are hawking junk and resorting to other desperate measures to try and bridge school budget cuts.

Brian Clem for Oregon Governor? That's the morning political gossip...