I had to race round the corner for a meeting after writing about this morning's recall submission, but had to rush out to take a phone call from the mayor at 11am, inquiring if I had any questions on today's events. The mayor's staff aren't allowed to speak on his behalf about the recall under elections law, Adams told me. So he was using his personal cell phone to make the call.

"I think Portlanders are a fair minded people," he said, when I asked him what message he had for the citizens of the city. "I'm focused on getting Portlanders back to work, on the high school drop out rate, and on positioning Portland at the heart of the green economy."

Adams suggested Portlanders look at this week's council agenda, which contains "the city's first economic development strategy in nearly a decade," plans for six streetcars built locally, and clean energy work.

But can we really believe Adams is the best person to position Portland at the heart of the green economy, if he was in Wyoming last week when Transportation Secretary Ray La Hood came to town?

"The hard work is getting ink on these deals," said Adams. Adams said he met with Secretary La Hood, and that he's an important man. "But so is Peter, my boyfriend," said Adams. "And this was my first vacation scheduled in six months."

"My focus is not necessarily on sitting in front of the cameras but in getting the funding we need," said Adams. Speaking of which...


Update: If it helps with your prediction skills, the recall needs to gather 32,183 valid signatures.