Here's a Yelp posting about an effort to designate "Library Hours," ie quiet work time, at a local bar:

Are you a night owl with a project? Are you a freelancer working from home all the time? An artist who needs to get out of the house? A book lover who wants to have a beer?

I'm starting Library Hours, a night where an appointed bar will turn the music down, the lights up, and discourage drunk squealy people.

We get to bring our laptops, our books, our drawing supplies, our knitting, whatever your project is, and order a beer or snack, hang out and get in some quality time. Coffee shops are great for getting things done on weekends, why not have that atmosphere at night, with drinks? Plus you get the presence of other people as subtle support. Meet other people, or just do your own thang.

I've contacted a few initial bars, but I need to show support in numbers so they know it's worth their time. I could also use your suggestions for bars that might be open to this—think places that die down after happy hours on weeknights.

Join the Facebook group.

Good idea. I like that they're not trying to make me meet anyone. I'm about sick of trying to work/read at a bar and having the fact that I'm alone interpreted as an "open" sign. (Via)