Recall spokesman Jasun Wurster officially filed to recall Sam Adams at the city auditor's office this morning with 13 media outlets (including the Mercury) looking on.

"There's a lot of you," said Wurster, talking with the press in the eerie silence after filing his documents. "If only I were in a band I feel like I should have a joke prepared, like when a guitarist breaks a string. It's the job of the singer to tell a joke."

After filing, Wurster filed outside with his allies and gave a statement to the press before taking questions. He stressed that the recall campaign intends to be "positive" and "inclusive," but that homophobes will not be welcome. Signature gatherers must sign a document agreeing not to collect signatures from individuals whose goals are to remove Adams from office based on sexual orientation or religious social conservative reasons.

Wurster said the grassroots group doesn't have enough money to do polling, but that anecdotally, he feels the community is supportive of the effort.

"I was at Goodwill and the clerk recognized my name from my bank card," he said. "And she said, where do I sign?"

"I was at a punk rock show at a local bar, and the bar tender came up to me and asked me if he'd seen me on the TV," Wurster continued. "And I didn't know what he was going to say, but he asked me where he and his wife could sign."

Wurster hopes to begin collecting signatures as soon as the city auditor approves his submission, and the volunteers are trained.