Is one angry man responsible for two of the most jarring recently disruptions of safe-space Portland? That's what radical anti-fascist group Rose City Antifa is saying.

The group flyered NW Portland last night with signs alleging that is the mystery asshole who posted hateful AIDS stickers on Belmont is the same guy who waded into the World Naked Bike Ride with a video camera to shout "Degenerate scum!" at nude bikers.

It's not clear whether anyone has seen Lee in the act, but the Antifa group writes that "Lee appears to distribute white supremacist materials several nights each week" and that stickers reading "Keep Portland decent and good" appeared alongside the racist AIDS stickers a short time after the naked bike ride. They also list his address on the site—in NW, where many of the stickers have been put up—but I have yet to confirm it.

More on this bizarre situation as it develops. Email me ASAP if you know anything about Lee or have seen anyone putting up either set of stickers.

Update 7/14: Via email, Lee denies that he put up the National Alliance stickers and says the anti-racist group has been spreading "patent falsehoods" about him personally. Lee writes that his values are formed from "being a caring father, and caring about my people, the White European people." He also explains why he shouted "get raped" at the naked bike ride: "It was a faster way to say 'The reason you don't get raped these days is the very moral order, created by your loving ancestor over centuries, that you are now tearing down.' That was too long to say, to reach many passing ears. "Get raped" said it, and I think some of the more intelligent women probably knew exactly what I was meaning."