While the Blogtown trivia meetup is fun and all, there just aren't enough questions about Dale Sveum or God Shammgod to please this particular sports fan. Plus, this horrific waxy monstrosity haunts my dreams.

Thankfully Junior Varsity Sports Trivia will makes it's debut tonight at the Tanker (4825 SE Hawthorne).

Here's their description of this bi-weekly event:

It's Junior Varsity Sports Trivia because it's not super serious like other sports trivia. Actually, I'm not really sure if there is any sports trivia in Portland, or at least ones that don't have you sitting at a table and pressing an answer into a machine. I think people who like to read Deadspin (or similar sites) will be able to do well on this trivia and enjoy it.

The sports dorkery starts at 7:30pm. Hopefully I'll see you there, but beware of the all-star team I have assembled. We're like the 1972 Miami Dolphins of useless sports knowledge.