Attorney General spokesman Tony Green just emailed out about 1,000 new pages of documents from the five-month long investigation of Sam Adams' relationship with Beau Breedlove. We'll update with new details as we wade through the piles of handwritten notes from interviews, drafts of the investigation report and evidence logs. For now, here's two interesting little finds, both relating to text messages:

1) When Beau met with Sam's lawyers on the morning of January 21st, they presented him a statement that left out any mention of kissing while under 18. Beau says he left the meeting and called Sam, who told him the kissing wasn't a crime. One part of the Attorney General's interview with Beau includes this little note:


Which reads: Breedlove advised Adams did make this loan however; the text message about the loans were used to cover / the loans was used to cover up the fact up the fact that they communicated by phone about the kissing incident.

And another note:


Which reads: Sam said he would send text in an attempt to cover for the phone call you made on break due to the question about what occurred prior to age 18. Leave a paper trail for the break.

But then the text messages (pdf) to and from Adams' phone don't show any text messages during the time Beau met with Adams' lawyers. Which means if Adams did say he would make a paper trail, he didn't follow through. Also interesting: the text message log shows Adams must have stayed up all night on January 20th—he's texting all the way till 5AM.

2) Check out the "stalking protective order" (pdf) Beau filed against Oregonian reporter Brent Walsh back in May. Beau claimed that Walsh threatened and harassed him via text message and made Beau fear for his personal safety by poisoning public opinion of Beau. Well, Beau's complaint reveals that Walsh only texted him a handful of times. Walsh sent a few texts on May 4th and two on May 26th but before that Walsh had not texted Beau since January 24th. Here's Beau's description of the texts from May 4th:
The courts wound up dismissing the stalking order.