Hey! Take a break from singing all that karaoke for your narcissistic pleasure and do it for a good cause! On September 24th, teams will pile into Voicebox to sing their asses off all night long for the benefit of Ethos, a music education non-profit. From now until the date of the event, singers will collect pledges to sponsor their team's three hour shift at the Raise Your Voice Karaoke Marathon.


Not only can you show all those other bitches that you rule the mic, now's your chance to prove you can make more money for non-profit music education, too! Ethos provides low cost private lessons and classes to students, to offset the effects of disappearing public music education. In some cases, they even provide instruments and financial aid for classes. Voicebox is Portland's only private karaoke venue. You and your friends can book a room and sing all night long without waiting for a bunch of other jerks or dealing with one of those asshole KJ's. (Hey. Wait a minute, I'm an asshole KJ!)

To register a team, donate or, get more info, go to the Raise Your Voice website.