In what might go down as one of the most extraordinary political Facebook status updates in Portland history yet, moments ago former PDX mayor Tom Potter announced his support of the campaign to recall embattled mayor Sam Adams.

Aaaaand cut to the status update:

Tom Potter It's time for Portlanders to stand up and be counted regarding the recall of Sam Adams. It's easy to get a petition and get as many signatures as you can. Good government doesn't happen automatically, it requires an involved electorate. Get involved and recall Sam Adams!

Whoooooooa. Potter's stepping forward as a vocal supporter of the Adams recall is unquestionably the biggest game-changer yet in what has - so far, anyway - been a rickety recall campaign (aside from the hyper-active media coverage of recall spokesman Jasun Wurster's every comment and fashion faux pas). And don't forget: once upon a time, Potter and Adams were buddies on the Portland City Council during Potter's mayoral tenure, though their relationship soured during Potter's final months in charge (Potter opted to endorse mayoral candidate Sho Dozono over council-mate Adams during the primary election: Adams won in spite of this blow).

It seems Potter isn't alone in his vocal support of the Adams recall effort: his wife Karin Hansen has also announced - via Facebook, naturally - her support of the recall effort... alongside colorful commentary on the Cesar Chavez street re-naming process, throwing elbows to Adams along the way. Here are two recent updates from Hansen:

Karin Hansen has her petitions. Have you got yours? Go to for information on how to sign and/or how to collect signatures. We deserve a truthful City Council.


Karin Hansen Setting the record straight (since The Oregonian can't...or won't...): Portland Bureau of Transportation and its commissioner-in-charge (Sam Adams) were responsible for setting up and monitoring BOTH processes in the street renaming, not just the most recent process. Put the turd in the appropriate pocket will you, please!

You heard the woman! Put the turd in the appropriate freaking pocket!

This has got to sting for Adams, whose supporters may already be conducting push polls to gauge or sway his public support after months of turmoil and drama. Do you think Adams will call Potter to plead for mercy from his former colleague? Does the recall support from Potter and Hansen matter much beyond being merely political bravado?

E-mails to Potter and Hansen haven't yet been returned; we'll be getting on the horn with recall campaign spokesman Wurster later today for his reaction.

UPDATE 1, July 12, 8:45 am:
The Portland Sentinel is reporting that Adams and Potter appeared together at Saturday's Mississippi Street Fair, posing for photos as part of the Fair's awards ceremony, only hours after Potter's announcement, via Facebook, of his support for the Adams recall campaign. Umm... awkward? There's a great photo over at the Sentinel website, too, with Potter and Adams at near-opposite ends of a photo op line-up.

UPDATE 2, July 12, 2:58 pm:
It has come to my attention that both Potter and Karin Hansen have un-friended me on Facebook. Dang. What's up with that, guys? *sad face*