Who needs a cushy job on the cast of Leverage when you can be part of... a live action Captain Planet! Right here in your own backyard.

From Craigslist yesterday:

I'm working on a script for a live action movie/series of Captain Planet and the Planeteers. I already have an actor for Wheeler, Ma-Ti and Captain Planet. I will need people for the roles of Kwame, Gi, an Linka. I will also need other actors to play villians and other smaller roles. This will be a drama not a comedy so you will need to know how to act. We are planning on filming in about 3 months. There won't be any money in this. Let me know if you are interested.

Gi is from asia so she will need to be played by someone who at least looks Asian. Age should be around 24-26

Kwame is from Africa so he will need to be black. Flat top a bonus. Age 25-26
Linka is from the soviet union so blond hair blue eyes is needed age 24-26

Hat tip to my friend and Craigslist job-hunter Ayal.