Yeah—the goddamn Ectomobile is on eBay.*

I must own it. I have dreamt of driving this car for 23 years.

Via Laughing Squid. Also, thanks to Will "The Intern" Radik for alerting me to this situation, which obviously is of the utmost importance. Will, once I own the ECTO-1, you shall be the first person I take for a ride.** Just FYI, we will be playing this at maximum volume the entire time, so you should probably memorize all the words:

Mistah FAB - "Ghost Ride It"

*Fine, smartasses. It appears that it may not be the Ectomobile, but rather a replica one that was once used at Universal Stuios. I DO NOT FUCKING CARE. SEND ME YOUR MONEY.

**It will be a nice change of pace for you, I imagine, from the usual intern tasks I assign you, most of which admittedly involve me forcing you to guess which symbols on the backs of cards, and then me giving you an electrical shock every time you answer, regardless of whether or not your guess was correct.